The Spectrum Freedom S.40 Overview

The Spectrum Freedom S.40 is destined to be one of the most popular jets in the mid-size cabin class, offering “stand up” cabin height combined with performance on a par with aircraft costing millions more, while rivaling the fuel economy of much smaller aircraft. The Freedom uses technologies, structures and manufacturing practices that are setting new standards for operational efficiency and manufacturing precision.

Design of the Freedom’s aerodynamics, systems, and structures has been highly integrated with development of manufacturing processes. Effort has focused on ease of maintenance in addition to excellence in performance and safety.

Freedom S.40... setting new standards in performance, operating economics and comfort.


Freedom S.40 Spec Sheet

Single pilot certification
Maximum Cruise Speed 440 kts. (M0.77)
Maximum IFR Range 2,250 nm (4,170 km)
Maximum Cruise Altitude FL 450
Maximum Takeoff Weight 9,550 lbs (4,332 kg)
Balanced Field Length 3,300 feet or less
Engines (2) GE-Honda HF120, 2095 lbs. of thrust each
Standard seating 1+7/9 Pilot plus 7 executive seats, 1+9 total passengers