Environmental Impact

At Spectrum, we don't have to plant trees to be green. We're proud to be developing aircraft that are inherently friendlier to the environment. Efficiency has always been a prime objective at Spectrum and we're glad that better performance also means lower emissions.

During the past twenty-five years Spectrum has invested in creating a new and unique type of advanced composite fibeX®. This remarkable material allows us to build exceptionally rugged aircraft that are up to 40% lighter than aluminum airplanes of similar size, resulting in substantially lower fuel consumption – and dramatically reduced emissions.

The charts below show estimates of the amount of CO2 emitted on a 600nm trip by aircraft in each cabin class when compared with the Spectrum Freedom and Independence.


The S.40 Freedom

Spectrum's Freedom S.40 midsize
jet offers ‘stand-up' cabin
accommodations for as many as
nine passengers with cruising
speeds up to 440kts (M0.77) and
a maximum range of more than


The S.33 Independence

Spectrum's Independence S.33
light jet provides seating for up to
seven passengers and a maximum
cruising speed of 425kts (M0.74).
Its maximum range extends out to